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Killer Career Advice From The Women Of Game Of Thrones – Deborah Tan

As of late, I’ve been a Game of Thrones junkie (which should explain the slowdown on my blog). However, this latest diversion hasn’t been all for naught. While perusing information about the show, I happened upon some excellent career advice, written by Deborah Tan and exemplified by the actions of the women in Game of Thrones. This is hilarious. Enjoy!

Material World

Resident Game Of Thrones fan Deborah Tan reveals the important career lessons one can learn from the awe-inducing women of George R.R Martin’s epic story. Yep, even the crazed Cersei Lannister can teach us a thing about being great at our jobs!

The bloodletting, the lusting, the plotting, the scheming, and the thousand gruesome ways to kill a person … Game Of Thrones feeds our inner beast so well, Sunday nights without it will not be like Sunday nights at all. We are one episode away from the end of Season 4 and I’m already feeling the withdrawal symptoms.

While the men get plenty of air-time, Game Of Thrones rock my socks because its women are in a class of their own. They often appear helpless and deranged (yep, Cersei, you), but you won’t last long in the world of GoT if you pissed them off. On this Monday, take…

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