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The Happy Workplace: Reflection on a Presentation about Zappos’ Company Culture

A couple of days ago I attended a presentation by Zappos’ CEO, James Key Lim, in Sacramento, California. Lim spent an hour talking about the decision to turn things around at Zappos several years ago by developing and prioritizing a strong work culture of happiness that values transparency, trust, social connections, and fun (e.g., they have toys and games at work). Company culture is the #1 concern there as Lim emphasized over and over again. Unfortunately I didn’t hear or even find anything later about their take on job design and person-job fit as I hoped, however the Zappos philosophy on hiring as well as information on the hiring process itself can be found on YouTube. Read more of this post

International and Cultural Trends in Telework Receptivity

Upon first receiving Future Work: How Businesses Can Adapt and Thrive in the New World of Work, by Alison Maitland and Peter Thomson, I was a bit disappointed to see how skinny it was. After diving into it however, I realized that the information here is more about quality rather than quantity. In this book, Maitland and Thomson answered some lingering questions I had that I couldn’t seem to find answers to elsewhere. Are there any attempts to measure employee sentiment about telework internationally? Which countries and/or cultures are more receptive to a work anywhere-anytime system? Which aren’t? Read more of this post

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