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Update on Content Submission Policy

Ever since I’d invited content submission on my blog, I’ve appreciated all the wonderful submissions covering topics related to my blog that I lack the expertise to write. I read through all submitted articles and am selective about what appears here.

With that said, I have noticed that some of these submissions contain political messaging and that they only come from one side of the political spectrum – the side I’m further away from as some of you might’ve guessed. So, I’ve updated my content submission policy page to reflect my stance on this and inform those wishing to submit content with the following clause:

NOTE: I disallow other entities from using my blog as a platform to spread their political values. Thus, I reserve the right to edit content that consists of virtue signalling, political statements and commentary, preaching, and (annoying) political buzzwords. I will reject politically-tinged content submissions that are unalterable (e.g., infographics, etc.).

In fact, I struck off several words and sentences from a recent article so that my readers (given the mixed readership here) can read it untainted by superfluous political opinion. If the article is supposed to be a factual account of marketing or industry trends, I’d rather not read the author’s non-expert, preachy side comments about how the economy ought to work. ~sigh~ The situation wouldn’t be so bad to me if different viewpoints were well-represented but, as I was sifting through pitches I received days ago, I couldn’t help but feel like this was some kind of mass brain-washing attempt.

And for goodness’ sake, I wish that those submitting content would have better sense than to try to make an appeal with verbiage like “our shared values.” Come on people. I don’t know you. You don’t know me. It’s gotten to the point to where whenever someone tries to make this type of presumptuous appeal, I practically experience an allergic reaction. However, I don’t let people know this in so many words. People who presume other people share their values (are we a Borg collective now?) never get the courtesy of a reply to let them know I’m not interested. I just think, “What’s this world coming to?,” shake my head, delete, and move on.

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