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15 Networking Tips for the Introverted [Infographic]

Submitted by Drew Page at Siege Media

Edited by Lynn Patra

Attending a networking event as an introvert can be a very stressful experience. If you find yourself relegated to the corner and in a constant cycle of small talk that leaves you feeling physically exhausted, you are probably not looking forward to your next event. Here are some actionable steps that can be taken to enhance your networking experiences.

The first step in mastering the networking game as an introvert is to mentally prepare. Building a memory bank of questions and talking points is a great way to set yourself up for success. Taking time to research the potential guest list is another great idea.  Who knows, you might already know someone who is planning to go.

It is also advised to make some tactical changes when present at the event. Always stand with open shoulders, an upright posture, and a warm, welcoming smile. So much of our communication is nonverbal, which is why this should be a priority for networking events. If you feel pressured to talk during the inevitable awkward silence, you might try complimenting the other person, since just about everyone’s favorite topic of discussion is themselves.

Networking events are a great place to explore new relationships and potential opportunities. It has been suggested that everyone in the world is connected through six degrees of separation, which means anyone you have admired or respected is within six “friends of friends.” Investing time and energy into honing your networking skills as an introvert using these tips from GetVoIP will almost certainly benefit your future self.

networking tips for the introverted

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