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This Year, Spam Followers, & Future Posts

Yes, I’m still here and I plan to do something different on this blog this year. I began this blog focusing on the matter of telework (otherwise referred to as “remote work” or “virtual work”) as it was an exciting concept I wanted to promote. Since then, I’ve learned about obstacles to adoption and the fact that some large organizations that initially embraced it decided to call their remote workers back onsite.

So what do I think telework’s prospects are now? Well, I don’t think society will see more experimentation and, possibly, more widespread adoption until telepresence technology (enabling a more realistic simulation of face-to-face interactions) becomes more available at a lower cost. This type of technology includes holographic video conferencing as demonstrated by Cisco:

The fact is physical face-to-face interaction is important to an overwhelming majority of workers and organizations’ operations (even if this type of interaction isn’t required for every worker, as relatively few perform independent tasks under a lot of social isolation and fewer still are those who aren’t so prone to loneliness compared to more social people, as scary and alien as this sounds to the latter).  So, I found myself stepping off of telework as a topic.

This year, along with any posts on modern work-related issues I come up with, I’ll occasionally introduce my writings from Quora. These will stray from this blog’s focus. However, I’ve decided this might be the right time to introduce my contributions on other topics to a wider audience.


FYI: Speaking of blogging, some of you may have noticed an influx of mysterious accounts with spammy-looking usernames subscribing to your blog last week. I certainly noticed, and opted to remove the following:

A number of bloggers discussed this issue on WordPress forums – here, here, and here. However, it seems that WordPress administration now has a handle on this.


In the next week or so, anticipate content on networking tips for introverts.

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