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The Top Management Models That Are Changing How Business Operates [Infographic]

Submitted by Quinn Cooley, Media Manager at at Circa Interactive

Edited by Lynn Patra

North American business leaders have their fingers on the pulse of what it takes to flourish in a constantly changing society. No, it isn’t cutting costs. It is learning how to adapt to change.

The management issue businesses face

While 75% of executives believe that their future success is dependent on their ability to adapt, less than half of them have tried change management programs. And, of the people that have tried to integrate change management programs into their business, only 54% of them feel as though their efforts have been successful.

Clearly, there is a discrepancy between what prevailing wisdom says must be done, and what is actually getting done.

The issue with implementing effective change

Surprisingly, most executives agree that an overhaul on corporate culture is necessary in order for change to effectively occur. While the vast majority of executives agree that it is necessary to consider a company’s culture in order to make effective change, 76% also acknowledge that this was not accomplished in their own change management efforts.

Meanwhile, employees also have their own thoughts on what is standing between their organization and effective change. While there are several notable barriers that are preventing successful overhaul, chief among them is “change fatigue”—in other words, employees feel overwhelmed when too much happens too fast. In fact, 44% of employees feel that they do not understand the changes that are being put into place, and 34% don’t even agree with them.

How to overcome management change barriers

The good news is, while the above-stated obstacles seem overwhelming, there are easy to follow steps to help overcome these complicated barriers.

For example, Holocracy is a program developed by Brian Robertson and Tom Thomisom, that focuses on well-defined roles, frequent and manageable updates, authority that is distributed evenly to teams, and company-wide transparency.

This and other programs serve to help organizations develop and adapt to change in the workplace, even when it’s against the odds. To learn more about the top management models that are changing the way businesses operate, take a look at the infographic below created by the New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Online Master of Business Administration Program.


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