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A Quick Status Update & Business Resource Recommendations

Months ago I mentioned that I’d spend this past summer giving a new business venture a go and would report back on how this panned out. It wasn’t meant to be. However, this snag is another chance to learn and problem solve in order to transition to the next opportunity. Despite people telling me that I seem to have everything together, I understand what it’s like to struggle. For now, I’m focused on returning to the workforce, but at least fall season is the ideal time to search I hear.

However, between time spent inside my own head and working on the business, my networking efforts fell to the wayside, and this doesn’t set me up well for finding a job. Personal referrals are the way to go nowadays, what with hiring managers having to sift through piles of resumes. This is, by the way, a familiar problem that some introverts have. Well, I decided to act in accordance to the saying about sometimes having to spend money to make money (and no, I don’t think money is the root of all evil but I’ll return to this thought with my “politics in the workplace, etc.” series next week).

Here’s how I’m addressing that problem and also increasing my chances of finding something in my local region: I offered a financial reward (like a head hunter’s fee and paid in monthly installments) to a select, trusted few to help find suitable positions. I posted one ad in a secure regional network where people’s identities are verified, and I mentioned it to a few lifelong, though busy friends who have larger social networks and would be thrilled with my offer. So far, this seems to be a great arrangement because, in some cases, the money would go to busy parents trying to support their kid(s).

To ensure a secure transaction for all parties involved, a family member who is an HR director recommended an entity that her company uses, LegalShield. The first time I heard of them, I thought this was something hokey but my family member only had great things to say.

For those who’re still on the business ownership track, however, and need a well functioning website, I recently found a comprehensive blogging and web hosting guide that I managed to learn a great deal from. describes how something like this is invaluable:

With over 15,000 web hosting companies it can be difficult to find the best one! Especially when you’re worrying about everything else it takes to keep your business running smoothly. No business should fall behind because of technical difficulties, or confusing software especially with so many great resources out there like this one:

So, if you’re looking for one, check out that resource. And, with this announcement, I’ll return to posting a bit more frequently.

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