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An OBVIOUS warning to political ideologues [Stickied Post]

UPDATE Sept 30, 2017: There will be an extra blog administrator to help me run a tight ship in response to OFF-TOPIC blog comments (particularly of the political nature).

My readership is politically diverse and blog topics largely appeal to people no matter their location on the political spectrum. As such, this blog has been a change of pace for those taking a break from the yelling and screaming that is found everywhere else on the Internet.

You won’t find me taking snarky digs and getting in-your-face politically on other bloggers’ sites as I recognize another person’s right to a different opinion. I recognize another person’s personal boundaries better than some (evidently). So, I ask my readers to demonstrate the same respect I’ve demonstrated on their blogs. And since this is MY professional blog (as I’m the one paying for it the last time I checked), I’ve made my stance clear on attempts to bug me incessantly and the reasons why this blog is largely apolitical:

Political Discussions in Work Settings – My Pilot Study: Thoughts on Design & Results

A Personal Note & Sober View of Online Business Headaches: Reputation Management & Cybersecurity

That said, there are political comments that are well-thought out and pertain to the discussion at hand and NOT meant to bug me into supporting your side or validating you (versus going off-topic on a post you didn’t understand due to a lack of reading comprehension – “The Strawman” whether intentional or not). And then there are attempts to target me which I DO recognize even when coming from psychology professionals. Sorry. I’m not stupid and you’re not as slick as you think you are. I know an agenda when I see one and these aren’t welcome here.

I’ve created this page to help others like myself (because people who’re deemed smart are incessantly hounded by ideologues wherever they go). The following provides information on quickly identifying ideologues who’re disrespectfully pushing their agenda onto you: How to Know if You’re Dealing With an Ideologue (My advice: Stay away from them!)

And for those who subscribe to multi-culturalism, know this… People of Asian descent who are still influenced in large part by their native culture (meaning, not fully assimilated into current Western norms that encourage being a political blowhard – though there used to be norms regarding conversing with people you barely know), you are in violation of your own purported values. That’s right. I’ve grown up alongside Americans of Asian descent and we largely do not engage in this… this… control freakery. (Right. Your behavior is anything but endearing to many of them.) Is it just lip service? Are you a hypocrite? Just saying. However, if you don’t have any self-control, I strongly suggest that you (as the kids say nowadays) GTFO. Thanks a bunch! 🙂

4 responses to “An OBVIOUS warning to political ideologues [Stickied Post]

  1. Thomas May 29, 2017 at 12:17 am

    This is from Jean-Francois Revel’s Last Exit to Utopia:

    “Liberalism [by which he means the classical kind of Hayek et al.] has never been an ideology, by which I mean a theory based on a priori concepts; nor is it an unchanging dogma divorced from the course of events and outcomes. It is merely a set of observations on facts… Adam Smith, when he undertook to write The Wealth of Nations, noticed that some countries were richer than others. He tried to locate in their economic arrangements the features and practices that could account for such disparities, with the practical goal of being able to recommend prudent policies….

    “As an a priori construction, formulated without regard to facts or ethics, ideology is distinct from science and philosophy on the one hand, and from religion and ethics on the other. Ideology is not science — which it pretends to be. Science accepts the results of the experiments it devises, whereas ideology systematically rejects empirical evidence. It is not moral philosophy — which it claims to have a monopoly on, while striving furiously to destroy the source and necessary conditions of morality: the free will of the individual. Ideology is not religion — to which it is often, and mistakenly, compared: for religion draws its meaning from faith in a transcendent reality, while ideology aims to perfect the world here below.

    “Ideology — that malignant invention of the human spirit’s dark side, an invention which has cost us dearly — has the singular property of causing zealots to project the structural features of their own mentality onto others. Ideologues cannot imagine that an objection to their abstract systems could come from any source other than a competing system.”

    There’s much more, all of it wise and well articulated. Revel’s trenchant assessment of ideology applies to ideologies of left and right. But ideologies of the left are peculiarly persistent — his book is an extended analysis of the revival of socialism since the demise of the USSR — because they beguile with Panglossian promises. I have written about the rhetorical power of leftism; e.g., here:

  2. cindy knoke September 29, 2017 at 9:02 pm

    Good for you. I can’t believe someone would hassle you for being polite. You go girl!

    • LP September 30, 2017 at 7:32 am

      I suppose it comes with the territory since I’m a capitalist and, hence, right-winger. People get angry and aggressive when people turn out to not espouse the political ideology they expect others to have. For example, many women (who lean left) expect me to be a liberal Democrat (just on the basis of superficial characteristics like me being an Asian woman – and that, by itself, is racist).

      The 3rd part of my political series is coming soon. I have to go over it with a fine-toothed comb (so to speak) because it contains some of my personal events, and I want to ensure I’m ok with everything before publishing. Hopefully, my series will help dispel mistaken notions about capitalism, as I find that many misunderstand it. This system is contingent on individuals making money by providing a product/service that is judged to be of value to others. If people don’t find value in what is provided, they can get it from a competitor.

      So, it’s on that basis that this isn’t comparable to the way hummingbirds behave, as the alpha male doesn’t provide anything of value to the other birds. That’s the difference I wanted to pointed out awhile back. 🙂

    • LP September 30, 2017 at 10:02 am

      Cindy, I’m also going to be honest and clarify that this post was addressing the unwelcome political comments (without ANY regard that my political leaning might be different from the writer’s), and persistent soiling of my professional blog in the following places:

      I see (and have known for awhile) that you have a negative view of rich capitalists (one that I don’t share), as you have said in your review of “A Season of Purgatory” by Dominic Dune on June 25th, 2017 on here:

      You state, “It is painful to read, like Jonathan Swift, but important nonetheless. He skewers rich capitalists so perfectly. I think he is under-rated.” So, despite your beliefs (which I doubt will change), I’m curious as to why you’re interested in mine… Knowing that I can’t change your mind any more than you’ll change mine. (There is no need to praise or validate me, by the way, because these things don’t do anything for me).

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