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My Life with Animals: Loki’s recovery part two – the great poop watch of 2012

If this content seems odd and off-topic, bear with me as I tie this to my blog’s subject matter. Autumn always draws my attention to the fact that the year will soon end. When this year ends it’ll be 9 years since the Great Recession began. Can you think of many places that have scarcely recovered after all these years? Let me know. As for me, the still bleak economic condition of my hometown of Redding, California always sticks out.

Despite a prevalent impression that there’s nothing to see or do here however, Redding has notable points of interests. Turtle Bay is one of them. During tough times, Turtle Bay continued to adapt and improve operations, including the current transition to a more sustainable business model. If any of you plan to visit Northern California or just pass through, consider giving Turtle Bay, and Redding, your patronage. This story showcases the staff’s devotion to their non-human residents but they also stress that wild animals belong in the wild.

Turtle Bay Blog

I sat for eight hours on the floor with Loki, trying to make him comfortable enough for him to sleep and diligently watching his IV lines. By the end of the day, the vet said that Loki had had a sufficient amount of the IV antibiotics and pain meds that he could leave the clinic. But before we could go, the vet put a pain patch on Loki’s front leg that needed to stay on for three days and that meant that the cone-of-shame needed to stay on as well. Evidently, we weren’t out of the woods yet in many ways.  First, it was going to take a small miracle to stop Loki from getting to that pain patch and consuming it. Second, we still didn’t know if his intestines would heal well enough to hold.  We had to wait for him to successfully defecate to know he was okay. And so…

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2 responses to “My Life with Animals: Loki’s recovery part two – the great poop watch of 2012

  1. cindy knoke October 11, 2016 at 4:37 am

    Okay, this is exactly what I mean. You may be disagreeable, but your heart is as kind as they come, and your analytic mind is ruled by it, the way it should be.
    PS- Wise and All Knowing WordPress, why are Lynn’s posts not appearing in my reader?

    • L. P. October 11, 2016 at 5:00 am

      That’s so mysterious. Hm, I don’t know why they would stop appearing! Now that you mention it though, my traffic as been slow lately!

      Speaking of disagreeableness, I just touched Nikita’s wing while she was chewing my sleeve and asked, “Can I see your wing?” – asking her if I can spread it out and look at it. She turns her head, looks at me, and opens her beak slightly (kind of a threat) and I stop touching her wing and just go, “Ok, I guess that’s a ‘no.'” Haha… -sigh-

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