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Giving thanks to my readers & looking ahead to an opportunity to participate in user experience research

The Thanksgiving holiday reminds those of us in the United States to set aside time to express gratitude for what we have. Although there are a couple of weeks before the occasion arrives, I’ve decided to go ahead and write my thanksgiving post. I don’t blog just to chronicle my research efforts and knowledge about modern work-related issues. I blog to provide useful information to others and spread awareness of issues that don’t receive a lot of attention. So reader feedback and interaction has helped me learn what issues garner the most concern.

Also, as many of you are also bloggers, you probably know as well as I do how much hard work and dedication it takes to consistently develop content. A couple of years ago, before I wrote my first post, I thought blogging would be much easier. Along the way, I’ve received a lot of praise for my writing but I’ve learned that blogging is much more than writing well. Blogging also requires tremendous creative effort.

Many of us go through dry spells and sometimes other life issues demand our full attention. Then, when subscription renewal time rolls around, I too briefly wonder how much time and energy I can continue to devote to blogging. However, passion for research, writing, and this subject matter aren’t the only forces that keep me going. Those of you who follow my blog have played a part in this as well, so thank you!

Upcoming opportunity to participate in user experience research

Finally, I want to alert my readers to an upcoming opportunity to participate in user experience research. Those who participate will try out a 3-dimensional virtual collaboration platform called Flipside Workspace. As I value your time, I will include an opportunity to take part in a raffle (reward to be determined) as an added “thank you” for those who take part and complete a brief online survey. Some prerequisites for participation:

  • You are, or have been, a working professional
  • English proficiency (spoken and reading comprehension)
  • Previous experience using an online communication tool (e.g., Skype, etc.)
  • Availability to participate in an interactive session during a 30-minute time slot in the afternoon or evening during Pacific Standard Time – to be pre-scheduled.

More details about this opportunity and reminder about this call for participants will follow in an upcoming post. If you are casually following this blog via Twitter, LinkedIn, or some other feed and want to receive this one announcement by email, or if you simply want to indicate your availability as a participant, then contact me at Thanks again to all my readers!

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