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Recap of Better Collaboration’s Recent Video-Conferencing Events

Better Collaboration

For those curious about what Better Collaboration’s video-conference events are all about, I’ve provided a synopsis of the most recent ones below. Also, a brief introduction to material that will be covered at the next event follows.

May 22, 2013: Attendees were treated to a demonstration of Sococo by CEO and Co-Founder, Paul Brody. By providing a bird’s eye view of individual offices in a virtual office building, Sococo allows everyone to see where others are located. Each room has its own audio, video, and chat channel. This set-up is intended to provide the type of environmental structure and features that would facilitate and encourage the type of unscheduled business and social meetings found in traditional office environments.

Jul 24, 2013: Michael Clark, President of Innovative Technology Advocates, provided a demonstration of a team collaboration tool called Rofori. It can be used with any email system to categorize communications for small work teams as well as teams with thousands of members. Michael Clark noted that, most importantly, Rofori is a private stream featuring a way to assign a visual status marker for all members so that the user knows, at a glance, the content and priority level of work-related subject matter each member is dealing with. Rofori’s simple features also include the capability to generate customized communication status reports or metrics. What’s more is that the availability of on-time status reports provide a way to see what employees accomplished rather than just what they’re planning to do.

Aug 21, 2013: Issues pertaining to virtual team members’ ineffective communication and having less social interaction with each other compared to co-located workers were spotlighted. Jason Morwick, co-author of Making Telework Work: Leading People and Leveraging Technology for High-impact Results and his forthcoming book Workshift: Future-Proofing Your Organization for the 21st Century, addressed these issues. His presentation featured a number of tips, strategies, and tactics for enhancing virtual team socialization, collaboration, and productivity.

Sep 18, 2013: Nancy Settle-Murphy is president of Guided Insights, a facilitation, training and communications strategy consulting firm based outside of Boston and author of Leading Effective Virtual Teams. In this event, Nancy didn’t just cover the keys to success in planning and implementing an engaging meeting via video conferencing. She also made sure that we experienced first-hand what such a meeting is like at this event. We learned a great deal about boosting participation with consideration given to cultural and personality differences. Other issues touched upon include tactics for minimizing distractions (e.g., non-meeting related multi-tasking).

Information about the next Better Collaboration video-conferencing event:

October’s event is different from our regular meetups. This will be a live webcast of Better Collaboration founder Mor Sela’s presentation at Bright Talk. You will get many of the key ideas that he’ll present later this month at the UC3 Summit in San Diego and at the SHRM conference in NJ.

Abstract: As organizations become more geographically dispersed —with employees, partners and customers working in a variety of office locations, from home, and on the road — organizations face a difficult challenge: they must ensure that dispersed teams can collaborate regularly and effectively to drive productivity and seize new opportunities as soon as they arise. 

In this session you will learn about the various types of collaboration tools out there and how to select one that would best fit your organization’s unique needs and use cases. You will also learn about common challenges in adopting these technologies and best practices to overcome these challenges.

Driving Productivity of Dispersed Teams with Collaboration
Wednesday, October 16, 2013
12:00 PM to 12:45 PM EST / 9:00 AM to 9:45 AM PST

Register at Better Collaboration Meetup

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