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On the Evolution of Work Systems in the Digital Economy

The Office: The Future’s Green, and Orange for Uncertain

Professor Colin Jones provides excellent historical background and synopsis of the various forces behind the move towards a more flexible approach to office work. As he points out, there is no end in sight when it comes to widespread resistance to this new way of working. However, there are definitely some clear benefits to organizations that manage to take full advantage of information communication technology. Moreover, to the degree that commuting and expansion of office buildings is curtailed, the more potential benefit to the environment will be realized. Some commentary on potential long-term changes with regard to the office market is also provided in this post.

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The office has perhaps always been around as a place of work and administration, whether it be in a Roman palace, a room in a sixteenth century merchant’s house or purpose built buildings from the mid-nineteenth century. And in some ways today’s office is not that different from one in ancient Greece.  There is the fundamental need for a desk and a chair.  But over the last forty years information communication technology (ICT) has transformed how we use an office.  Images of an office with desks piled high with files stuffed with papers and banks of filing cabinets are not perhaps quite yet in the dustbin of history but are not as prevalent as they were even a decade ago. The ‘paperless office’ once seen as a goal to aim for is here today, it just crept up on us (although I still have an untidy desk). The next decade…

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