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The “Can’t You See I’m Busy!” Game

Simply wow… I’ve often tossed around the idea that, at some point in the future, a game development company would come in and make big bucks by “gamifying” routine office computer work. However, here’s a clever spin. This site provides games designed to look like work and even has a counter to keep track of how much money players have collectively costed the world economy (assuming an average yearly salary of €31,500):

I’ve tried all four games and “Cost cutter” is my favorite. It really appeals to this former Tetris lover. Just play an electronic version of “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” or “Hungarian Dance” to make the experience complete! Sadly, I think these games are probably more challenging than anything I’ve ever been tasked with doing, and it actually takes some skill and effort to break into the “Highscores.” I didn’t manage to. Suddenly, I think I understand the whole “pretending to work” phenomenon. Someone coming by? No problem! Just hit the spacebar and the game freezes so that it looks like you are working on something on the Excel spreadsheet. Here are the games:

Crash Planning:



Cost cutter:

One response to “The “Can’t You See I’m Busy!” Game

  1. cindy knoke March 11, 2017 at 7:29 pm

    What a creative & fun idea!

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